As they step through the huge vault door at the World of Coca-Cola, visitors are transported into a tale about the most famous and mysterious trade secret in history—the secret formula of Coca-Cola.

Through a porthole, visitors experience a magical holographic vision of a time when Coca-Cola’s brand identity was threatened by a bevy of rank imitators.

A fun digital mirror experience immerses visitors into Coca-Cola and transforms them into effervescent bubbles.

These six animations recount stories about the legend of the secret formula that leave guests wondering what may or may not be true.

In this interactive touchscreen experience, visitors peer through a magic window into the nine homes of Coca-Cola and have to decide for themselves what’s truth and what’s fiction.

In this fully immersive interactive game, visitors find themselves being led by the man in the hat through a series of virtual environments across time and place where the secret formula has been kept through the years.