Highlights from the 10 billion+ collection of documents at the National Archives are launch points for unique, personalized journeys of discovery through the history of the United States.

The Visitor Experience at the Library of Congress is the result of an unprecedented institutional initiative in which technology interconnects every interpretive offering on view in the library with a suite of tools for enhanced observation, personalization, and collection of objects for later retrieval online.

Two cinema-sized screens dramatically flank the room’s entrance, presenting larger-than-life previews of the treasures on display inside the Exploring the Early Americas exhibition.

Artifacts in a display case are liberated for discovery in this interactive station that illustrates the diverse writing systems for recording knowledge in the early Americas.

The significance of Conquest-era events depicted in a series of colossal paintings are revealed through interpretive installations before them.

Diverse visualizations of the universe from cultures spanning centuries and continents are brought together in these interactive portals into the vast collections at the Library of Congress.