A magical painting above the fireplace in a pirate tavern takes audiences on a fantastic ride through the colorful Golden Age of Piracy.

In the Public Vaults, the permanent exhibit in the National Archives Experience, visitors can experience the feeling of going beyond the walls of the rotunda into the stacks and vaults of the National Archives.

Visitors are challenged to guess the identities of famous American immigrants in an interactive that reveals their identity through the process of examining their immigration and naturalization records.

A touch screen lets visitors compare before and after satellite photographs of seven different locations to study the effects of nature and urbanization.

In this interactive visitors, examine previously classified documents and hear four presidents’ behind-the-scenes conversations as they confront critical situations and crises including the Gulf of Tonkin Incident and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

After listening to congressional debates and reviewing records in favor of and in opposition to issues from the last two centuries, visitors cast votes in these two interactives.