Connecting complex databases to simple, easy-to-follow visual displays is the essence of these wayfinding and event systems that provide visitors to galleries, theaters, and exhibition spaces insight and access to the opportunities that surround them.

Through this unique, electronic, wooden wall, visitors can discover campus events, building-specific information, and the names of alumni whose generosity helps fuel the vitality of the University.

Nine towering panels filled with interactive media and artifacts reveal the past, present, and possibilities of the University of Oregon experience.

On dozens of myLOC stations deployed throughout the Library of Congress, visitors can learn about the architecture around them, play a treasure hunt–like game of discovery, and collect items on display for exploring in more detail online.

Above the welcome desks an expansive, dynamic display introduces the activities and daily events awaiting arriving visitors within the Library of Congress.

Prominent displays above the welcome desk introduce current exhibitions and the day’s events at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum.