Interactives and mobile devices have prompted a sea change for the museum experience; galleries are increasingly participatory and new media allows interesting ways for the community voice to be broadcast. Whether it’s reacting to an exhibit, guest-curating, or contributing first-person stories, Visitor Generated Content brings eclectic—sometimes unpredictable, always enlightening—perspectives to a museum setting.

Visitors to the High Museum in Atlanta see Picasso, Matisse, and Warhol with a fresh lens when they download the ArtClix mobile application. This photo-sharing app reveals additional information about the artworks and provides a streamlined method for sharing pictures online.

A three-part suite of installations paint the soundscapes of music that preceded, defined, and descended from the Woodstock Festival.

Eight unique interactives allow visitors to apprentice with GRAMMY Award–winning producers and engineers to make creative decisions in hands-on production experiences.

Visitors manipulate a 3-D model of Kauffman Stadium in real time, learning about the design process while creating unique ballparks they can send to themselves via e-mail.

A playful photo booth composites visitor portraits with artwork from a museum’s collection and archives the results for the community to browse.