Visitors are given the tools to discover content through their own actions, creating personal pathways through information, forging experiences as diverse as their interests. Second Story provides the stage, the imagery, information, and atmosphere that allow audiences to create unique stories and personal pathways through content. Online content and site-specific installations converge, mutually enhancing the possibilities of storytelling and wonder.

This multi-tiered interactive installation provides a variety of activities and behind-the-scenes expert insight to reveal how this unusual Los Angeles native was discovered, understood, and exhibited.

A triptych of interactive touch screens connect three specimen groupings with stories revealing their shared evolutionary origins, challenges, and adaptations.

A collection of stories told by Walt Disney, his siblings and childhood friends come to life through a series of interactive animated drawings.

Through four interactive music stands surrounding images of Walt, playful creative activities reveal the various ways Disney employed sound and music in his animated features.

The artwork within a 15th-century medieval masterpiece is revealed, enhanced, and interpreted in the enchanting interfaces of this Web site and installation.