Memorable motion graphics, visual effects, and sound design bring drama and emotion to installations, engaging audiences in compelling storytelling experiences. These installations are part of an integrated strategy, where documentary-style storytelling presentations or abstract, atmospheric motion graphic installations elicit the attention of visitors.

As visitors enter the Native Voices gallery, they are greeted with a “Welcome Wall” of media, representing a diversity of perspectives on health.

A collection of stories told by Walt Disney, his siblings and childhood friends come to life through a series of interactive animated drawings.

Walt Disney recounts stories from three periods in his childhood as period-inspired cut-outs animate on the stages of these toy theaters.

A large-scale animated history of shifting boundaries in the southwest sets the stage for in-depth exploration of New Mexico’s political, cultural, and geographical landscapes.

Immersing visitors in the musical celebration that marks the GRAMMYs, this 30-foot media experience weaves together high-intensity performances, sound design, and custom animations in a spectacular display.