Interactive installations encompass compelling storytelling interactives, large-scale group interactives, and individual interactive exploration—where content is brought to visitors’ fingertips and they are given the tools to explore it, manipulate it, or create it anew. Interactive installations give visitors a conduit to discovery and enliven visitors’ experiences of spaces and information.

A dynamic gallery with interactive walls and reactive shadows introduces visitors to the excitement of deep space—along the way they meet a diversity of space explorers and are encouraged to inhabit the spirit of scientific exploration.

Weaving photography, artifacts, data visualizations, and interactive media, this section of the Earth Lab exhibit articulates the evidence of climate change and the role human activity is playing in its escalation.

The heart of the Earth Lab experience revolves around this simulation game that puts the visitor in the critical role of policy-makers confronting the reality of climate change.

In this part of the Earth Lab gallery, a vibrant display of photography harmonizes with three touchscreen interactives to tell the human story unfolding in response to a warming planet.

At once artistic, commemorative, and informational, this interactive table playfully recognizes every individual alumnus of the University.