Sparking imaginations, evoking emotions and ideas—Second Story creates memorable motion, sound, and video installations that set the stage for truly engaging experiences. Content and original rich media are integrated into reactive, dynamic installations and holistic environments that foster consistent, immersive experiences for a wide range of audiences. Effective and inspiring immersive environments are the fruit of a collaborative development process that forms an interpretive interactive media strategy within a larger environmental framework.

Occupying a focal point in the rotunda gallery of the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland, this media installation tells the story of Native peoples’ healing traditions.

This gallery of interactives creates a treasury of first-person accounts of Native medicine in action.

This cinematic media wall creates a captivating environment for visitors to interact through a fun, surprising, full body experience that reveals stories from around the world.

A large-scale video projection in the heart of the Age of Mammals hall establishes the core theme of the exhibition: that as continents move, climates change, and mammals evolve.

Four crescent table surfaces function as dynamic menus to access a vast vault of imagery, artwork, artifacts, audio, and video that reveal Walt Disney’s creative evolution throughout the post WWII years.