This group of projects address how interactive media—an inherently individual-oriented medium—can serve, engage and reward large and small groups. These experiences provide opportunities for visitors in social environments—museums, entertainment destinations, public buildings—to engage with one another and to collaboratively explore, discover and create.

This cinematic media wall creates a captivating environment for visitors to interact through a fun, surprising, full body experience that reveals stories from around the world.

A dynamic gallery with interactive walls and reactive shadows introduces visitors to the excitement of deep space—along the way they meet a diversity of space explorers and are encouraged to inhabit the spirit of scientific exploration.

The heart of the Earth Lab experience revolves around this simulation game that puts the visitor in the critical role of policy-makers confronting the reality of climate change.

An interactive response station polls party-goers while a projection shows a real-time visualization of attendee’s opinions.

Three thematic mosaics explore the rich history of the Mexican American community and its relationship with Los Angeles.