The world’s largest quilt collection is brought together in a patchwork interface where quilts can be collected, saved, commented on, and organized into exhibitions—both on-site and online.

The organizational scheme for Thomas Jefferson’s library—the foundation of the Library of Congress—forms the interactive method for accessing every volume in the Jefferson collection and special tomes on display.

Two monumental Bibles mark the transition from pen to press: one of the greatest illuminated manuscripts and the most famous first printed book are paired for exploration in this insightful interactive experience.

The museum’s growing collection of portraits of soldiers and civilians who experienced the Battle of Gettysburg are featured in this searchable database.

The indigenous heritage of Alaska and adjacent regions, including the arts, knowledge, values, and beliefs of native communities, finds a wider audience in a growing online collection.

A powerful collection database drives this online exhibition of American transportation history filled with interconnected pathways, games, and learning resources.