Interactive Web sites and media installations backed by powerful databases allow for unsolicited discoveries where users engage in deep, intuitive online investigations. Second Story has taken the library science model of retrieval and enhanced it with a dose of serendipity. These projects often provide unmediated access to visually rich resources where personalization features empower users to comment, collect, organize, exhibit and share.

This gallery of interactives creates a treasury of first-person accounts of Native medicine in action.

Nine towering panels filled with interactive media and artifacts reveal the past, present, and possibilities of the University of Oregon experience.

At once artistic, commemorative, and informational, this interactive table playfully recognizes every individual alumnus of the University.

Interactive tower acts as a time machine for baseball statistics, allowing visitors to warp back in time to find record-breaking moments, historic milestones, and compare player statistics.

From abacus to IBM, this online exhibition chronicles the first 2,000 years of human innovation in the world of computing. In a story that is evolving before our eyes, this site reveals the fascinating, interlaced narrative of computers, the technology that drives them, and the people who made it happen.