Since its beginnings at the 1805 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition, this landmark Portland, Oregon, institution has educated and informed people about the importance of the world’s forests in order to promote a balanced and sustainable future.

Visitors learn about sustainability, durability, and recycling in this interactive that explains the relative merits between wood, plastic, metal, and other materials when used for various consumer goods.

Suspended in a parachute harness, visitors experience a smoke jumper’s descent through parachute controls connected to a video screen.

Seated in a tree harvesting vehicle, visitors interact with simulator software to experience firsthand a forestry-related occupation.

Visitors learn about reforestation as they follow a tree planter in finding, selecting, planting, and protecting trees in near life-size interactive videos.

Through an interactive, animated 3-D map of Oregon and Washington, this kiosk reveals the many faces of forestland ownership.