Becoming Los Angeles at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County tells the story of one of the country’s most vibrant and vital cities.

A museum experience 65 million years in the making, Age of Mammals displays some of the Museum’s—and the world’s—most awe-inspiring fossil mammals, many of them exhibited for the first time.

Mysteries surrounding animals and environments from the past are unraveled through these two activity-based interactives.

A large-scale video projection in the heart of the Age of Mammals hall establishes the core theme of the exhibition: that as continents move, climates change, and mammals evolve.

This multi-tiered interactive installation provides a variety of activities and behind-the-scenes expert insight to reveal how this unusual Los Angeles native was discovered, understood, and exhibited.

A triptych of interactive touch screens connect three specimen groupings with stories revealing their shared evolutionary origins, challenges, and adaptations.