Visitors to the National Geographic Museum will encounter one of the largest and most valuable collections of Anglo-Saxon gold ever found. This iPad-based installation shares the excitement of discovering such a rare treasure.

For over a decade, Second Story designed and developed some of the most innovative interactive media experiences online for the National Geographic Society on diverse subject matter spanning the breadth and depth of the Society.

A Web site explores the Chesapeake Bay—important to John Smith, Powhatan, Pocahontas, and the Jamestown colonists, as well as today’s inhabitants—revealing one of America’s most renowned and vital waterways.

The simulators, 3-D models, images, animations, data, and diagrams in this Web site help audiences understand the science behind the earth’s most violent natural events.

Visitors follow Lewis and Clark on their “journey of discovery” through this Web site, which contextualizes their movement, discoveries, encounters, and documentation.

A Web site keeps visitors up-to-date on a grueling 9-month sailboat race and reveals the teams and technologies that venture around the world.