On dozens of myLOC stations deployed throughout the Library of Congress, visitors can learn about the architecture around them, play a treasure hunt–like game of discovery, and collect items on display for exploring in more detail online.

Two monumental Bibles mark the transition from pen to press: one of the greatest illuminated manuscripts and the most famous first printed book are paired for exploration in this insightful interactive experience.

The creative acts of our Founding Fathers are illuminated through enhanced electronic documents that reveal their thinking, their inspiration, and their iterative, collaborative process.

A sixteen-foot-wide display of shifting color dynamically reacts to individuals entering this exhibition, activating illuminating light that reveals the origins of American democracy in images and animations.

A lively video with original music introduces Jefferson and his passion for books, his penchant for collecting them, and their relationship to the early development of the Library of Congress.

The organizational scheme for Thomas Jefferson’s library—the foundation of the Library of Congress—forms the interactive method for accessing every volume in the Jefferson collection and special tomes on display.