Interactive kiosks where visitors can sign up to get involved with solutions to the issues facing North Carolina are strategically placed throughout the Commons.

Through the Commons website, the experience is broadened so all North Carolinians can be part of the discussion, and people around the world can share their insights and learn from the progressive action happening in the state.

The Connections Area brings data to life. A 16-foot interactive wall displays general information about the state while nearby interactive tables provide a chance to get more detailed with the data.

Commons visitors can gather and collaborate around six interactive tables in the Ideas Area, where ways to address the challenges facing North Carolina are born and discussed.

A nine-minute, multi-screen Overture film introduces visitors to the landscapes of North Carolina, both cultural and environmental, while communicating the vision of the Commons.

The Partners Wall recognizes those whose support made the Emerging Issues Commons possible and who support IEI in its ongoing endeavors.