How do you make learning about corporate initiatives feel like a choice instead of a chore?

A suite of immersive experiences makes fans the hero at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta.

An interactive art experience at the World of Coca-Cola transforms everyday visitors into expert artists by helping them “paint” their own brand-centric masterpiece.

Designed to complement guests’ visit to the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, this context-aware mobile app delivers fun facts and photo experiences that inspire discovery, augment guests’ experience of the physical exhibits, and provide fun new ways to create and share memories with others.

As they step through the huge vault door at the World of Coca-Cola, visitors are transported into a tale about the most famous and mysterious trade secret in history—the secret formula of Coca-Cola.

Through a porthole, visitors experience a magical holographic vision of a time when Coca-Cola’s brand identity was threatened by a bevy of rank imitators.