Through this unique, electronic, wooden wall, visitors can discover campus events, building-specific information, and the names of alumni whose generosity helps fuel the vitality of the University.

Interactive tower acts as a time machine for baseball statistics, allowing visitors to warp back in time to find record-breaking moments, historic milestones, and compare player statistics.

Since the historic eruption at Mount St. Helens scientists have been observing how life has returned to a devastated landscape; this interactive kiosk collects, preserves, and presents highlights of their ongoing discoveries.

An interactive response station polls party-goers while a projection shows a real-time visualization of attendee’s opinions.

LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes celebrates and cultivates appreciation for the enduring and evolving influence of Mexican and Mexican American culture, with a focus on Los Angeles and Southern California.

Three thematic mosaics explore the rich history of the Mexican American community and its relationship with Los Angeles.