Live compositing of a real-time video feed transforms a standard security monitor into an immersive experience.

This interactive combines physical computing and generative graphics and music to give visitors the experience of attempting to create the perfectly balanced flavor profile.

Visitors get a glimpse into secret Coca-Cola history through a series of portals reminiscent of early-film era nickelodeons.

From behind two large glowing text-covered surfaces, larger-than-life figures act out a crucial moment in Coca-Cola history.

Visitors to the National Geographic Museum will encounter one of the largest and most valuable collections of Anglo-Saxon gold ever found. This iPad-based installation shares the excitement of discovering such a rare treasure.

Take a journey on the path to diplomacy with this educational Web site. To capture the spirit of this important facet of government, Second Story created a site that would lead visitors through a diversity of stories that exemplify diplomacy.